For those of you car noob that doesn’t know much about car bodykit

According to DJ Koh from KGC Workshop, there are 4 main types of bodykit material for you to choose from. But do you know which material to choose for which part of your car?

4 Main Type of Bodykit Material

  • Fibreglass
  • ABS
  • PP
  • PU

As seen in the video, DJ also mention on the 5th bodykit material, which is carbon fibre.

There are different type of material for different part of the bodykit because it serves different purpose. The different material helps in different manner.

For example, your bumper needs to be soft and wavy so that it can absorb the impact of the crash. But the side of your car needs to be made of metal, to protect yourself in the car!

According to the video, it is advisable to purchase the bodykit without paint – just raw material. It’s better this way so that the workshop can help to match the paint colour, as well as to prevent any scratches that occur during the shipment to you.

Find out more about bodykit needs and modification from KGC Workshop directly!

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