Do you know the tips and trick to prevent your gearbox from spoiling?

We’ve heard many instances on gearbox failure, and how expensive it is to repair your gearbox. According to gearbox specialist @doctorgearbox , their spoke person, Rose, gave us some tips on how to protect your gearbox.

Gearbox Servicing

We know about car servicing. But do you know that you are required to do gearbox servicing as well? In the video, Rose mention on the recommended milage to service your gearbox, to prevent it from failing, which will cost you a bomb to repair!

Don’t put to neutral

While your car is stationary at the traffic light, if you have the habit of shifting it to Neutral, then back to drive when about to move off, this will hurt your gearbox in a long run!

Changing of gearbox oil

Do you know just like engine oil, gearbox has oil too? And it’s required to be changed at a recommended milage as well!

Don’t vroom vroom vroom

If you’ve changed your muffle or you’re driving a sports car, you may like how nice your car is sounding. And then you step of the accelerator then after that go JB pump petrol cos it’ll be cheaper. By stepping hard on your accelerator and stuff, you’re actually hurting the gearbox. Racing car are able to do that because when their gearbox spoils, they just change it. If you can afford to do that then you do it lor…

Need help with your gearbox issue? Find @doctorgearbox. They can help you out!

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